Tam The

Tam The
Tam The is part of Qwan Ki Do, a Chino-Vietnamese martial art

Tam The is "the art of rediscovering one's self in harmony with the world". It is a Vietnamese art similar to ancient China's Taijiquan. Sharing its origins with Kung Fu (especially with Qwan Ki Do), Tam The is an Eastern discipline that enhances the flow of energy in the body. Largely practiced in some Eastern countries, it is considered fundamental for body-mind hygiene.

Booking is unrequired; however, you are advised to arrive 15 min. before the start of the lesson.

STARTING DATE: 5/09/2015; SERVICE: Tam The; TAM THE OPERATORS: Barbara Pellacani ; TITLE: Qwan Ki Do Instructor; DAY: Thursday; TIME: 16-17; N. OF PARTICIPANTS: 10-15; BOOKING: required; ATTENDANCE CONFIRMATION: required; CONTACT REFERENCE: longwu@teletu.it ; ACTIVITY: it is a body-mind routine which, through harmonious movements and paced breathing, aims at triggering the life energy flow in the body, thereby producing an overall sense of peace and well-being; YOU WILL NEED: comfortable clothing, a pair of grip socks or Tai Chi shoes; WHERE: Sala Benessere AMOP (DH Oncologico's Hall).

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