Aquatics Classes

Aquatics Classes

At Vittorino da Feltre Swimming Pool, Paola will follow once a week groups of 6-8 people for Aquatics Classes, practising low-impact water exercise. This class is a mild and gentle routine based on slow movement, with a focus on muscular toning.

STARTING DATE: 15/10/2015; SERVICE: Aquatic Activity "Relax in Movement"; AQUATICS POOL OPERATOR: Paola Barbieri, Certified Diving Instructor;  DAY: Wednesday;  TIME: 11.00-12.00 a.m.; N. OF PARTICIPANTS: 6-8; BOOKING: required.  ACTIVITIES: Aquatics, Smooth Functional Movements; YOU WILL NEED: swimsuit, non slip pool sandals, swim cap, bathrobe, shower products;  WHERE: "Vittorino da Feltre" Swimming Pool. 

Please note that these activities require booking some days prior to the date of the event. Contact information: Dr. Di Nunzio at Our team)

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