Society for Integrative Oncology - SIO 2015

27/10/2015 21:15

 From Saturday 14th to Tuesday 17th November 2015, it will be held in Boston, USA,  the 12th International Integrated Oncology Congress,  ( ) organized by SIO (  ); D.ssa Livia Bidin will take part and, during the oral session about Mind-Body Therapies , she will talk about the results of the study on the usage of Tibetan Singing Bowls. This study lasted from November 2014 to June 2015,  in the Oncology Unit of the community Hospital in Piacenza, inside the AMOP Well-Being Group. Particular attention will be given to the feasibility and  statistical survey methods regarding the effects and the measured benefits. A great result obtained thanks to the co-operation with Luca Pigaiani , Manlio Casini  and the  statistical - biologist, Dott. Seghini, who spent his free time analysing statistical data.