Holistic Non-Medical Support at Piacenza Oncology Department

23/08/2013 00:35

Holistic Non-Medical Support at Piacenza Oncology Department: Shiatsu, Tam The, Massages, Yoga, Aquatics, Art, Music, Sharing Gatherings, and Lectures


The Head of Piacenza Oncology Department, Dr. Luigi Cavanna, has always advocated the need for great humanity when caring for cancer patients. Dr. Livia Bidin, Oncologist and Acupuncturist, adding feminine touch and style, has opened the way for the realization of AMOP "Mind-Body" Project. (AMOP stands for Piacenza Cancer Patients Association). 


The philosophy of the name derives from the conviction that mind and body should never be separated: this especially applies to oncological treatments.


At present, about 20 skilled and dedicated Volunteers offer their services at Piacenza Oncology Department, whose rooms become the harmonious spaces of “Benessere AMOP” (AMOP Well-Being) after clinical working hours. We are only 2 months from the start of the project and a 50-ish patients are already participating, driven by the desire for "body rebalancing" and perfectly aware of undergoing holistic treatments. 


Holistic” comes from the English word “whole”, meaning “complete”, “integral”, “all”; hence, a holistic approach involves that each organism in its unity has the potential to spontaneously self-regulate and rebalance itself, through physiological mechanisms which largely contribute to the “healing” process.


“Dis-ease” is, as a matter of fact and above all, the end result of an “altered energetic balance” of mind-body system, which has progressively diminished its capacity to adapt to the environment and therefore to shield and maintain its integrity.


For this reason, the goal of the “Mind-Body” Project carried out by AMOP Well-Being Group, born at Piacenza Hospital, is that of working on body and mind as "non-separated entities", in order to: cultivate a "synergy" between organism and therapies; enliven the innate energy that we all possess so that the individual can better cope with feelings of vulnerability, dismay, anxiety or fear caused by illness; help lessen feelings of discomfort in close relationships; and ultimately tackle cancer by tapping directly into inner resources. 


This is the purpose of Piacenza Oncology Health Care Staff and AMOP Well-Being Volunteers.


A tough challenge, but they know it will be worth it.