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Dr. Luigi Cavanna

Head of Onco-Hematology Department at Piacenza National Health Care Hospital.

Telephone Number: + 39 0523 302385

E-mail: l.cavanna@ausl.pc.it

SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS: www.infosalute.info/public/strutture/documenti/pubblicazioni-scientifiche-dott-luigi-cavanna-pubmed-ncbi-luglio-2012.pdf

PIACENZA ONCO-HEMATOLOGY DEPARTMENT: www.ausl.pc.it/professionisti_servizi/area_ospedaliera/oncoematologia/

PIACENZA NATIONAL HEALTH CARE HOSPITAL'S INFOHEALTH: www.infosalute.info/struttura.php?id=114&ausl-di-piacenza

Dr. Livia Bidin

Manager and Supervisor of AMOP Well-Being Group.

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, MBBS (Bologna, 1991);

Nationally Certified Specialist in Oncology, CSO (Parma, 1996); 

Acupuncturist (4-year Bachelor Degree in Acupuncture, B. Ac., at "So-Wen" Academy in Milan, 2010);

Medical Oncologist in charge of male and female genitourinary cancer care management at Piacenza "Guglielmo da Saliceto" Hospital;

Piacenza Hospital Operative Unit of Oncology Representative for Non-Conventional Medicines;

Oncology Representative for Piacenza "Guglielmo da Saliceto" Hospital to Regional Observatory for Non-Conventional Medicines of Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Osservatorio Regionale per le MNC dell'Emilia-Romagna).

Phone Number: +39 0523 30 22 54

Romina Piergiorgi

President of AMOP Well-Being Group (Gruppo Benessere Amop, via Taverna 49, 29100 Piacenza - Italy. Telephone number: +39 0523 30 22 93)

Editor in Chief of Quarterly "Giornalino Amop".

Mobile: 320 020 39 06

E-mail: info.amop@libero.it

Dr. Michela Monfredo

Psychologist - Volunteers Training & Assessment Mentor.

Coordinator of Make Up Classes ("La Forza e il Sorriso" - Strong and Smiling), Social/Talk Gatherings ("Let's Talk about Ourselves"), Art & Craft

e-mail : m.monfredo@ausl.pc.it


Dr. Camilla Di Nunzio


Coordinator of Aquatics Classes and Fashion & Tailoring Workshops.

E-mail: c.dinunzio@ausl.pc.it

Maria Rosa Cordani

Oncology Ward Nurse, Maria Rosa Cordani organizes Guided Tours & Trips for AMOP Well-Being Group (Gruppo Benessere AMOP).

E-mail: m.cordani@ausl.pc.it


Fernanda Trecordi

Healthcare Assistant at Piacenza Oncology Department, Fernanda Trecordi schedules Lectures on Cooking and Gardening Workshops.

E-mail: f.trecordi@ausl.pc.it .

Agnese Andreoni

Shiatsu Massage.

Agnese performs a full body Shiatsu Massage on a mattress on the floor. It is a dressed massage with relaxing and decontracting effects.

Mobile: 329 98 82 838

E-mail: linfagnese@libero.it

Giacomo Cantù

Giacomo is an experienced Sport Masseur who performs Shiatsu Massages on Mondays and Tuesdays, between 16.00 and 19.00 p.m. at Sala Benessere.

Please book your session at this number: 333 37 91 265.

Lea Guastoni

Lea Guastoni is a RIZA Naturopath and APOS Shiatsu Operator.

She performs Shiatsu massage, followed by some stretching exercises.

She is available every first Monday of the month at Sala Benessere, from 17.40 to 19.00 p.m.

Please contact her for an appointment at this number: 338 14 999 20.

Giovanni Macca

"Méthode Synthonie" Massage Trainer, Giovanni Macca is available as Massage Operator for the following activities: Shiatsu & Tui Na Massage; Manual Lymphatic Drainage; Aquatics; Beautician Massage, Qi Gong

Mobile: 348 5852226 -

E-mail: cajeta@libero.it -

Website: www.methode-synthonie.com/chisono.php

Stefania Fermi

Stefania Fermi will held lectures on Italian Traditional Cooking, titled "Home Made with Style".

"... We will learn how to cook at home without using colourings or preservers, following the seasons, with a preference for vegetable proteins. It is not all about good eating, but more about healthy food choices and combinations. That's what we discuss but above all put into practice during my cooking classes!" 


Mobile: 335 64 40 007


E-mail: info@fattoincasaconstile.it

Website: www.fattoincasaconstile.it

Francesca Foanna

Lectures on Feng Shui

E-mail: energiadeiluoghi@gmail.com

Elena Fiocchi

Elena is a Hatha Yoga & Ratna Yoga Teacher.

She says: ”I will teach you how to reach inner stillness and silence, in order to observe and ameliorate your posture, expand your breath and stretch your muscles. We will try to calm and focus the mind to get more energy from the body and more attention from the mind, so that we may move toward our desired goal".

E-mail: soledijada@gmail.com

Andrea Montin


He teaches Decoration and Artistic Craftmanship.

e-mail: andrea.montin@alice.it

website: www.andreamontin.it

Glenda Marafante

Glenda Marafante, AMOP Volunteer, is a Certified Psyhcologist who follows "Let's Talk about Ourselves", pleasant social gatherings where patients can talk about, and share, their passion.

Luca Pigaiani

Sound Therapy.

Mobile: 338 100 39 36

E-mail:   massaggiosonoro@gmail.com

Website: www.bagnoarmonico.it

Manlio Casini

Sound Therapy.