Who We Are

Mind-Body Well-Being AMOP Group Project was launched by AMOP, Placentine Association of Cancer Patients, formed by experienced Volunteers in possession of valid certificates, who lead Groups of Cancer Patients in many Activities aiming at a general sense of Well-Being -- both physical and mental, and increasing patient self-care ability and participation in their own healing process.

These services have made been possible thanks to Azienda USL of Piacenza (Piacenza's National Health Service Hospital) and Dr. Luigi Cavanna, Director of Oncology/Head of Hemato-Oncology Department, who authorized the use of Day Hospital Oncologico (Oncology Day Hospital Department) for most of the activities.

We are indeed thankful to "Vittorino da Feltre" Swimming Pool Managers for offering free use of one swimming pool lane to perform Aquatics Classes.

We started on 29th April 2013 and in only 4 months we have gathered, as a resonance effect, a team of similar souls and like minds made by a growing number of people sharing their desire to volunteer their time, energy and talents to promote other people's well-being. From the initial offer of lectures, massages and yoga, we are now up to about 20 different services, which have been grouped into the following categories:

ART & CRAFT : Painted Decoration & Artistic Craftmanship ; Fashion & Tailoring Workshop ; Gardening

LECTURES : Feng Shui ; Cooking ; Chinese Medicine

BEAUTY : Make Up Classes (La Forza e il Sorriso) ; Face Care

GROUP EXERCISE ROUTINES : Yoga ; Tam The ; Aquatics ; Ballroom Dance Classes

MASSAGES : Shiatsu ; Chair Massage (Back & Shoulders) ; Feet & Hands Massage

MUSIC : Sound Therapy ; Concerts

SOCIAL GATHERINGS : Bibliotherapy ; Let's Talk About Ourselves

TRIPS : Walking City Tours & Organized Visits ; A Day in the Countryside

Information will be available both on this site and at Oncology Day Hospital Admission Desk

Project History

October 2012 : beginning of educational lectures on Chinese Traditional Medicine (Dr. Livia Bidin) and Naturopathy (Ms. Brigitta Fragiacomo) at Oncology Day Hospital Department.

March-April 2013: endorsement of Hospital Management to Dr. Livia Bidin's request for performing "Non Medical Health-Promoting Activities" after Day Hospital's working hours, by AMOP Volunteers (Placentine Association of Cancer Patients)

Spring 2013: Opening of PiacenzaOncologia Facebook Group

29th April 2013: Agnese begins Shiatsu Massage, Claudia Chair Massage and Elena her Yoga Classes

May 2013: Ivonne and Francesca join Amop Volunteer Group with Feet & Hands Massage and Feng Shui Lectures, respectively

June 2013: Donatella is available with Shiatsu Massages

Summer 2013: some Volunteers interrupt their services for Summer Holidays, while others continue their activities. Meanwhile, more people apply for volunteering sending their curricula and certificates and, after completing usual assessment procedures, they are allowed to enter Amop Group.

July 2013: a spontaneous praise letter to Amop Group Services is published in the daily Piacenza newspaper, Libertà, by a person signing herself "A Friend". Her appreciation and gratitude for them ignited her desire to share publicly her positive personal experience.

8th August 2013: general gathering with the participants of the Group for the definition, organization and start up of about 20 different services, aiming at meeting different interests but with the common goal of "Global Whole Self-Care", involving physical, mental, spiritual and cultural aspects of daily life.

8th August 2013: definition of management policy involving Group Manager, Dr. Livia Bidin, Oncology Head of Department, Dr. Luigi Cavanna, and Piacenza Hospital Administration

10th August 2013: journalist Patrizia Soffientini writes an article about Gruppo Benessere's Activities in the Piacenza daily newspaper "Libertà"

16th August 2013: Opening of GRUPPO BENESSERE AMOP Website www.gruppo-benessere-amop.it

16th September 2013: Inauguration Party open to the public of Gruppo Benessere Amop in the Garden of the Hospital.



Service Users of Amop Well-Being Group (Benessere Amop)

This website addresses cancer-related people who want to actively "take care of themselves" by participating to events organized by Gruppo Benessere AMOP, held at Oncology Day Hospital, at Piacenza "Guglielmo da Saliceto" Hospital.

The health care process, which is constantly improved by Piacenza Oncology personnel with the appropriate implementation of techniques and new medications, is therefore amplified if the direction toward healing also comes from "within": as the individual being is a Complex System, psycho-neuroendocrine-immune interactions weave into a web of signals that allows emergence of either health or illness state of the living organism as a whole, in that healthy and ill tissues are part of the same network.

Piacenza Oncology welcomes Gruppo Benessere AMOP's Mind-Body Activities with the focus on creating external conditions for igniting the self-healing potential in ill people, so that medical intervention and patient's personal potential can achieve together synergic effects and reach a new balance, enhancing the well-being of the organism in the most delicate and stressful period of cancer patient's life.