Provisional Calendar of AMOP Well-Being Services (in Italian)

27/08/2013 20:00
Please feel free to download our Provisional Calendar with the Activities offered by AMOP Well-Being Volunteers (in Italian): 1.2 calendario provvisorio 2013.pdf (187526) A more defined schedule of our activities will be posted soon. Please keep in touch and stay tuned for our updates!
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Download Our Services Brochure (in Italian)

27/08/2013 16:00
Please feel free to download our Italian brochure about the services we offer:   2 scheda attività per espositore.pdf (266,3 kB)  To report errors or for other suggestions please use the following e-mail: Contact us  
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24/08/2013 22:00
Research Material on Qi Gong by Paola Borruso (Palermo, Italy). E-mail: paolaborruso@libero.it Website: www.praticareqigong.it Facebook Group: Guarire con il Qi Gong https://www.facebook.com/groups/510071625683021/
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Holistic Non-Medical Support at Piacenza Oncology Department

23/08/2013 00:35
Holistic Non-Medical Support at Piacenza Oncology Department: Shiatsu, Tam The, Massages, Yoga, Aquatics, Art, Music, Sharing Gatherings, and Lectures   The Head of Piacenza Oncology Department, Dr. Luigi Cavanna, has always advocated the need for great humanity when caring for cancer...
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Beneficial Effects: Publications

18/08/2013 13:00
To download these PDF articles (Italian, English), please click on the title and open a new page: Benefici Tai Chi e Qi Gong pag 38-41.pdf (526,5 kB) : Sergio Raimondo: "I benefici sulla salute di Tai-ji-quan e Qi-gong nella letteratura medica internazionale... l’altra faccia dell’Universo...
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Our first blog

16/08/2013 18:46
Today we inaugurate our new blog. This feed will keep you informed whenever we update our blog: www.gruppo-benessere-amop.it/en/rss/
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